Missionary Update

BUILDING the Ramu Valley Academy  ~ An Update from the Housleys in Papua New Guinea

 Hello Friends at Christ Fellowship!  It has been a while since we wrote you. We have been beautifully busy in a blessed kind of way! Let’s get caught up!

 RVA THANKS - We are thankful to announce again that the funds for the Phase 1 buildings of the RVA project have been raised thanks to the matching grant that we were blessed with last fall.  Thank you to YOUR FELLOWSHIP for their part in helping us reach this goal. We are thankful to those of you who chose to make a difference in the lives of the kids of the Ramu Valley!  They have no idea what the Lord is doing on their behalf at the moment!  What a loving Father to provide for his needy children through his children who he has blessed with so much!  It must please Him very much. So THANK YOU!

 RVA PROGRESS - As most of you know, as soon as the funds were promised to complete the Phase 1 goal, we began to order some of the supplies that would need to come on a container and we are anxiously waiting their arrival. So, we began building the workshop. This will be the staging area for all other builds that will happen over the next 2-3 years. We are thrilled to have completed this workshop within budget and with a well, a guest room, a water tank and power!

 FAMILY - While we are waiting on the materials on the container from the US for the first school building, we are taking the rest of the furlough that we skipped out of last year. This puts us home for two months (March-May) and allows us to hit some major family milestones! So, we are currently writing from America where we are getting plenty of granddaughter snuggles and enjoying seeing our family on a more regular basis. We are undeservedly blessed!

 Please continue to pray for us and for wisdom and strength as we build the Ramu Valley Academy in Madang, PNG.  We want more than anything to see men and women of the Ramu to be equipped and empowered to proclaim JESUS CHRIST and HIS SAVING POWER ALONE from one side of PNG to the other.  He is Worth it!

By His Grace and For His Glory,

Bill and Kelley