Bible Club—A Testimony of God’s Faithfulness

The Bible Club is a powerful ministry to our community. Here are three testimonies of those working in the club that will encourage and challenge each of us.

1/ What a privilege it is to share in the kid’s Bible Club ministry with the Palmers and Stantons. It is encouraging to watch these children learn truth and to remember that we too can only come with child-like faith. The Gospel object lessons are a blessing to adults as well as children and a joyous reminder of Bible stories and teachers long ago. This makes us thankful to rely on the assurance in Scripture that God is merciful, and He uses His Word to show His favor in individual minds and hearts.

2/ The reason I love Thursday night Bible Study is simple, I love children, white, black, yellow, etc. I feel God opened the door for me to serve there. I took a year off from the Bible Study and Awana to give some younger folks a chance to serve. One morning a young man came into our Sunday school and gave me a hug (he and his sisters had not been to church in a long time). When I put my arms around that precious child I knew I was to go back to Bible Club. I don’t know how I knew, but I knew. I just want to serve anyway, anywhere, anyhow God will let me.

3/ Initially, I was motivated by wanting gain from God (wanting family members saved) when I responded to the ministry “call.” Then, I wanted to be “used by God” but that only left me feeling “used” after only a few ministry outreaches, because some of these kids initially don’t want to be loved. Upon self-examination and prayer, I sensed the Father asking me, “Well, what do you think I got from you?” I was raised as a white version of an inner-city kid. Truly, but by the grace of God, I would have been no different, and walking in darkness. After more prayer and repentance, I find myself learning more from these kids and being used by God to penetrate darkness by displaying the love of God to them.  I also learn more from my fellow coworkers who tolerate me and encourage me along the way.

The Bible Club is open to everyone in our church. You can come on a weekly, monthly, quarterly, or just whenever you can. It will bless you in ways you can’t imagine as you’ve read above. Won’t you come join us and see what God will do in you?