Summers in Church—What A Great Opportunity!

When we were children we often spent a good share of the school year looking forward to summers. Inevitably we would come to our parents, once summer arrived, to exclaim that we were bored and wanted something to do (I suspect some of this same sentiment occurs with today’s children). Our parents would often tell us of all the events that they used to do when they were kids that we could do such as bike riding, throwing the baseball, playing with the other kids in the neighborhood, and so on.

The same mentality that children at times struggle with can also affect the church. The regular activities of the year often take a break in summer due to family vacations and various other reasons. This can leave some feeling like there just isn’t the same amount of activities in which to participate. Yet, such is definitely not the case. Summer is a great time for pursuing other areas of involvement at the church to see if these may be areas that you’re gifted in and would enjoy serving our Savior.

As our parents often had great ideas for our involvement, think about some of the ministries below as areas that might be a tremendous joy for you to engage in and would certainly bless those already in the ministry. Bible Club—our ministry to the children in our neighborhood is a great way to impact the youth of our community for Christ. This involvement can be as a helper who is there to help direct the children and pass out snacks, or even a chance for you to try your hand at doing a devotional. Taking practical applications from your own lives and connecting them with biblical truths is an excellent way to communicate Christ to these young ones in a 10–15 minute devotional, and who can’t talk to a child for 10 minutes? Nursery or Sunday School Assistant—summer brings great opportunity and needs to these vital ministries of our church as vacations arise. This is an excellent place for our seniors to engage and help our existing teachers in providing necessary duplication of adult leadership as a helper, or even a chance to teach a lesson. Youth & Children’s Ministries—We need volunteers for our Kid’s Day Camp, our Wednesday Night Children’s ministry, and host homes for our special summer youth activities.

These only scratch the surface of the available opportunities. You can also open your home for church small groups, assist in the Bible Study ministry, participate in our Outreach events, or assist in various needs around the church. Are you ready to enjoy a great summer in serving the Lord because the opportunities are boundless.