A Father’s Blessing

The actual tradition of honoring fathers as the heads of the family dates back to as early as the Middle Ages in Europe.  While the first celebration in the US dates back to 1910, the actual naming of Fathers’ Day as a national holiday was only ratified in 1972.

 The first mention of the word “father” in Scripture is in Genesis 2:24.  Here, immediately after God made woman, Moses records God’s creation of marriage and His definition of family, “Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh.”  It is a physical fact that all humans have a father, but the fact that the title is used for God Himself as the heavenly Father; would seem evident to indicate that the term means much more than just a participant in the initiation of life. 

 Scripture contends that the earthy father’s role is derived from God Himself.  He provides, protects, corrects, leads and loves his family.  In this manner God has set a great charge on fathers and given them one of the greatest honors of life.  In leading out in directing the hearts of the children placed in their care, fathers are intimately involved in the future of our world.  The gift of being a father is not possible for all men and should never be taken for granted.

 Such a charge would be overwhelming to achieve acting alone, but God never intended for man to accomplish anything under his own power.  Therefore the most important task for a father is to seek to be in union with Christ.  One cannot and will not ever fulfill the requirements of a godly father without the provision and power of the Holy Spirit working in their life.  Consequently, the most important preparation a man can make for his family is to be a man that walks in faith.  This preparation commands a relationship with Christ that is cultivated under the tutoring of Scripture and the guidance provided through ongoing prayer. Every step of everyday life must be one of modeling the value of being guided by God’s Word.

Fathers are not required to be perfect, but to provide a God centered direction for their family to follow.  Then and only then can you hope to have success and be able to say to those on looking eyes who can’t wait to be like you, “follow me as I follow Christ.”  Fathers, what a gift you have been given and how blessed you are to be you!