A Long & Wonderful Partnership with The Master's Seminary

Since the beginning of CFBC, the church has supported The Master's Seminary as one an institution of higher learning that truly honors the Word of the Lord and teaches their students to do likewise.  As time has gone along this hallmark of solid biblical educations has sadly become almost non-existent in our country.  Schools that had for years held to similar standards began to compromise and fall by the wayside.  Compromise and tolerance have become the celebrated modern achievements of many seminaries.  Despite this lamentable decline TMS continues on the same bedrock foundation of Christ and His Word which its president and founder, Dr. John MacArthur established.

Our church has benefited from this solid biblical teaching for years as we have had many men who have been trained at TMS come to minister at CFBC.  The seminary;s unwavering foundation has provided many benefits to the individual ministries of our church in which these men have served, and have also assisted in a like-minded effort which significantly supported the pulpit ministry of our former pastor, Dr. Lawson.  In like fashion, our current pastor also has been trained at TMS and desires to continue the solid biblical preaching of his predecessor.  Also, our current Youth Pastor is pursing his Doctor of Ministry at TMS and the partnership between these two bodies continues to grow.

This past weekend we had the distinct privilege of having Mr. Jade Greenfield, the Chief Development Officer from TMS visiting our church.  The seminary is grateful for the support of CFBC for over 14 years and understands the value of this partnership and remains hopeful that more churches will see and embrace the vision which CFBC has grasped.  Mr. Greenfield wanted to express his appreciation and that of Dr. MacArthur for the wonderful relationship which continues to yield eternal fruit in both entities for our God and King Jesus Christ.

May the Lord continue to bless the efforts and partnership of both CFBC and TMS for many years to come.