Operation Christmas Child

Christmas is a time of great joy; celebrating the birth of our risen Savior and spending time with family and friends. It is a time for giving and receiving. We have been so blessed in our country today, but there are many children around the world, that are less fortunate. War, natural disasters and famine have affected these children and for the most part their lives are filled with darkness and devastation. For the past few years Christ Fellowship Baptist Church has been a part of Operation Christmas Child, which not only provides gifts for children, but also provides the true reason for Christmas. Not only is each box filled with gifts that they would never receive as their families simply do not have the funds, but also they receive the gospel. Story after story is told how the kindness of Christians on the other side of the world, giving to those they don’t even know, has impacted these children for the gospel.

It is an opportunity for us to share what the Lord has provided so graciously to us. It is a time for parents to take their children and teach them that giving can be more of a gift than actually receiving. It can be a time for grandparents to help their grandchildren understand the true gift of the gospel. It is a way for many to be on mission for the gospel without even leaving home.

We will be collecting shoe boxes filled with gifts starting now through November 18th. Directions for packing the boxes and if you want to use them, the boxes themselves are available in the foyer. Directions were also received in the Sunday morning bulletin. You can fill as many boxes as you desire. Return them to the tree in in the foyer.

If you have any questions concerning the ministry or the boxes, contact Erin Knight.