Mother's Day

Mother's Day is a glorious day to celebrate our moms who are the Lord's amazing provision.  As we consider the nurturing which these women have showered upon us our hearts ought to soar to the heavens in thanksgiving to God for His manifold blessings.

A mother's love is such a unique and tender expression that the Apostle Paul used this term to relate how much he loved the church at Thessalonica, and he pictured that love as that of a nursing mother caring for her infant son.  What a glorious picture of nurturing an caring for one who is helpless and hopeless without that expression of love and care; the child often not even aware of all the love which the mother is expressing for them.  This is also the perfect picture of man's condition apart from God - one that is helpless and hopeless, and often unaware of the love being shown.  What a praise that God does not leave us bereft of hope and understanding but has shown us His magnificent love in so many ways prominent of which is our mothers.

THe Love of our mother is a very special expression and one which is perhaps the closest expressions of the divine agape love in Scripture.  Agape love is unconditional love of the Lord by which He loves us when we are unlovable.  Even though we offend our Holy Father constantly with our sin, He continues to shower us with His love independent of our actions, and even provide His eternal love in Heaven for those who will accept His glorious gift.

Of course, the perfect expression of love is our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ which He revealed on the cross at Calvary.  That love which Jesus displayed is sacrificial, and exactly what the believer is to express in their pursuit of following Christ.  All people fall short in this perfect expression in our sin, even our wonderful mothers.  But God has bridged every shortcoming in the love of a mother, and of every person, by sending the perfect love of His Son.

May this be a day when we honor our mothers for their love to us, and honor even more the full expression of love in Jesus Christ as we seek to emulate His love to our mothers, our families, one another in the church, and all the world.

~Pastor Scott