CFBC Fellowship

Fellowship means "a sharing in common" and describes our common life together in Christ.  As a church family, we hold in common our Lord Jesus Christ.  His spiritual life pulsates through our body.  His truth and love knits our hearts together.  Despite our many differences of family background, education, business, and social standing, we are one in Christ.

At CFBC, we seek to offer opportunities for church and family fellowship in effort to build up one another in the grace of our Lord Jesus.  Our next fellowship opportunity is this Friday, May 26th.

Be sure to join us for baseball and fireworks as Hank Aaron Stadium beginning at 7:00pm.  We have reserved a section of seats for the CFBC family and are offering affordable ticket prices. 

Plenty of tickets are available for $5 each (age 3 & under free), with a family max of $20 (limited to 6 tickets).  Ticket prices do not include the $5 parking fee at the gate or cost of concessions.  Reservations can be made in the SPECIAL EVENTS section of our website or contact the church office.