Christmas Services

Christmas is one of the most joyous times of the year! As those who know and love the Lord Jesus Christ, we delight in our corporate opportunities to worship our Savior as we come together as the church body. Each Sunday as we join together we have a wonderful time of sweet fellowship with those we love as we meet during Equipping Hour and fellowship time. We also have a unique opportunity for us to lift our voices in song, to stand together as we honor the Scripture, to give back to God a portion of the rich blessings which He gives to us. It is during these times that we are built-up in our faith as we study God’s Word, and exposing our wonderful community to all these blessings as they join us during our worship services.

As delightful as these weekly services are, these opportunities are surpassed by our gatherings at Christmas. All of the above blessings remain, and yet more are added. The blessings of singing Christmas Hymns amidst the gala of holiday decorations are all accents for us as we recognize this season which brings us a time not just of celebration, but of bringing many visitors into our church family home here at CFBC. This is one of the ways that makes Christmas so special as people feel drawn to come and worship. These are incredible blessings, but they require an all-hands on deck approach from us. Each one of us has an increased opportunity and responsibility to reflect Christ to our dear visitors. Whether it be family members who are visiting or friends from our community that we just don’t yet know, we need to be ready. We need to put our usual church family fellowship on hold and fix our eyes on those whom we don’t know so that we can extend a warm welcome. Each of us needs to look for those faces with which we’re not familiar and offer a friendly hand or hug as we encourage them in their participation and consideration of their knowledge of Jesus Christ. It is these opportunities that the Lord might use to stir the hearts of these folks towards Himself. What a privilege and joy this is.

God has given us an extraordinary church family, and it is this special time of year where we can shine our light brightly to all in our community. And don’t forget, that we must not only shine our light during our corporate gatherings, but also shine the Light of Christ to our neighbors, to our coworkers, and to all those in our community.  So, take the opportunity to invite those who you know to join us as we celebrate Christ.