Reaching Our Neighbors At The Holidays

For most of our country the Christmas holiday is one of the times of year when people feel compelled to attend church.  These are also the times where churches make special efforts through Christmas Cantatas, plays, and various other special performances to draw in these would-be visitors.  These are valuable efforts when they are accompanied by a clear gospel message.

We too want to take the opportunity to expose our neighbors to the blessings of Christ Fellowship at this holiday season  We want them to know of the special Thanksgiving and Christmas services in which we present the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  But, we also want to take the opportunity at this time of year to get the gospel into their hands and in their homes. This is where we are as a church can excel, and where you can make a huge impact by joining us for our outreach on Saturday, November 11th.

THis oming Saturday morning, we are going to gather to go door to door in the Regency Oaks and Amberly neighborhhods.  These are times of great fun and fellowship as we obey God's command to take the gospel to the world starting with our "Jerusalem" right her in Mobile and go out in groups to pass out our church fliers which have a special insert with out holiday service times for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

We begin by meeting at the church at 9am to have a cup of coffee and a bagel and talk about our routes for the morning.  The routes are short with about 25 homes per team which can be covered in about an hour making this very easy walking.  Our efforts entail sharing a warm welcome to our neighbors, giving them one of our fliers, inviting them to join us for church, offering to pray for the needs of their family, and taking opportunity to talk about Jesus as the Lord opens those doors.  It is easy, it is fulfilling, and it will stimulate you as you serve our great God in this way.

Our efforts multiply quickly with each group of 25 homes.  Can you imagine what a huge impact this can have in our community for Christ as we go out?  It is my fervent hope and prayer that we can have at least 60 people go out.  Statistics say there is an average of 3 people per household; with 30 groups this would mean we could reach over 2,000 people with the gospel of Jesus Christ.  This is exciting!  Won't you pleas join us to make this a reality?  We're looking forward to seeing you Saturday November 11th at 9am as we reach out for Christ.