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Children's Camp

"According to the grace of
god given to me, like a
skilled master builder I laid
a foundation, and someone
else is building upon it. For
no one can lay a foundation
other than that which is
laid, which is Jesus Christ."

In 1 Corinthians 3, the Bible says that God is a wise Master Builder Who is always working to build His Church upon the strong and secure foundation of His Son, Jesus Christ.
Every person who has placed their faith in Jesus for Salvation is a unique and necessary brick that is shaped by God as He builds His great and wonderful kingdom. And
here’s the great thing: not a single piece is missing or useless, but every piece is valuable for the Master Builder’s Kingdom.

This summer, we will learn about God, the Wise Master Builder, Jesus, the Sure Foundation, and the Kingdom of God that is being built up brick after brick.

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Later Event: June 13
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