The Upper Room is a new ministry focused on College & Singles (recent high school graduates to young single adults)and applying God's word with daily application.  This is a pivotal time in a young person's life and we want to come along side to encourage and offer Biblical guidance in a safe and welcoming environment.  Our goal for this ministry is not to just get our young people involved in our church but to get them involved in the lives of our church families as well.

The Upper Room meets one Friday night a month at 6:30pm (time may vary based on hosts).  Our evenings kickoff the way every great fellowship does - with a meal!  If there is one thing this age group can agree on (and probably most ages for that matter)  is the love of a meal and being around a table blessed with the Lord's provisions of food and friends, so there is no better way to begin our time together.  Our fellowship continues with relaxing atmosphere, enjoy each other's company by seeing what we may have going on in our daily walk.  We'll wrap out time together by looking at length in the Scriptures and how we can apply it in each of our lives. 

It is our prayer that The Upper Room ministry will glorify Christ as we come along side encouraging our College and Young Singles by giving them a warm home to gather together and discuss various aspects of their lives.  We pray you'll join with us in this wonderful opportunity to serve this dynamic group within our church. 

If you are interested in becoming a host home for our monthly gather, or have other questions on how you may serve in this ministry contact our church office by emailing or calling (251) 461-2242. No home is too small to host and the pastoral staff are available to assist in areas you may need to allow you to facilitate the meetings.