On January 26, 2003, Christ Fellowship was birthed in a very unusual place—an empty warehouse. Amid an abandoned building, over 400 people came together that first Sunday to form this body of believers. Walls were erected, chairs were rented, the Word was preached, and the rugged interior became a sanctuary for the glory of God. The church then moved to a senior center, which became yet another converted house of worship.

On Christmas Eve, 2003, Christ Fellowship held its first service in what is now their permanent home on Azalea Road. Construction soon began in the main building and the congregation moved into the gymnasium where, again, an empty building—this time, a basketball court—became God’s house. And once more, God blessed in obvious ways. Finally, the church family moved into the newly restored Sanctuary on December 19, 2004, a testimony to God’s faithfulness and grace.

From such humble beginnings, Christ Fellowship has lived out an important lesson—the church is not a building, but a body – the body of Christ. The church is the Lord Jesus, working in and through His people, wherever they are. To Him be the glory forever. Amen.