AWANA Lifeline Malachi Dads & Returning Hearts Programs

"The warden in October 2003, Burl Cain invited Awana Co-Founder Art Rorheim and then President/CEO Jack Eggar to speak to the prison's fellowship of Christian men. What they found was inspiring. The inmates recognized their role as spiritual leaders of their families and wanted an evangelism and discipleship program established to reach their children. The Awana Lifeline program was born.

The Malachi Dads program offers four books that guide inmate fathers to become godly men and fathers. Psalm One-The Blessed Man is a six lesson study written by the Malachi Dads at Angola.   Malachi Dads where fathers develop community and learn to live up to their biblical responsibility as a father.

Malachi Dads is tackling this epidemic by challenging and teaching Christian men how to grow into godly parents, equipping them to spiritually train their children regardless of their circumstances and intentionally build a legacy of faith in Christ.

Returning Hearts Celebration is an event that unites children and their fathers and mothers for an unforgettable day of games, food, relationship building and Bible teaching. For one day each year, fathers and mothers can be real parents to their children."

Christ Fellowship will be sending a team of volunteers to assist with both Malachi Dads Graduation on May 18, and the Returning Hearts Celebration on May 19.  This is a one night trip with volunteers needed on site at Angola prison on May 18 by 9am.  Volunteers will take a tour, meet Malachi Dads and assist with the graduation on that day.  On Saturday, volunteers will assist with the Returning Hearts celebration including, games, food, etc. and can head home around 4pm.  Additional details are forthcoming regarding volunteer sign-up hotel reservations, departure and return times, etc. so stay tuned!